Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm sick as a dog. Where does that phrase come from, anyway? Hopefully it has nothing to do with the fact that they return to their own vomit, because if that is the case, then I'm just plain sick.
 I can hear my little (and not so little) ones downstairs playing and know they are in 100% excellent care, because their dear and precious, Ouma is watching them. She is getting over what I am getting started with and not at her best herself. ....but here she is helping us. Thanks, Mom. You are a life saver. No, seriously. I think I would have had to call 911 by now if you didn't come to my rescue yesterday AND today. I love you. 

Monday, February 21, 2011

In other news.....

Keano told me today that he wanted to be "A Bachlor 'til the Rapture." My dear son, I might be very tempted to remind you of that in a few years time ;)

When I asked Gloria recently what she was 'drawing' on her etch a sketch, she responded (very dramatically) with 'THE GlOOOOORY of GOOOOOOD.' ...And the oddest part of all is that I wasn't even aware that she knew this phrase. Sweet.

My Fiery Faith, has become a bit less fiery and more predictable. Her favorite phrases as of late, are "Miss you." (She says this at random even when we haven't been apart for days. precious.) "Play Mommy's long hair." (LOVE this!) and, 'PEEE PEEEE!' And though this might be a bit TMI, when she has to do more than pee pee, she quickly says "Mommy, close the door! I need my privacy!" (Really? At two? Well, ooooo kkkkkk, little lovie. You take it!)

None my babies have been the 'cuddly type,' but more the, how-quickly-can-I-get-to-the-ground-and-GO type(!), but our Felicity, is another story. She has just charmed me to the core. She LOVES her cuddles. She cuddles right into you! Lays her head on our chest and just cooo's away. Priceless. Can she stay this age forever, please?

I have experimenting with tofu recipes. Just made this: and I don't think it will last very long in this house.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jack Pot!

We try to do the majority of our grocery shopping (once a month) together, as a family. We make it a fun little outing and the tribe actually looks forward to it. Faith drives in one of those Kroger cars, Gloria gets her own (little) big girl cart, Felicity smiles at everyone she meets, and Keano conquers his *part* of the list. T and I split up, dividing the girls amongst us, and barrel through. It's more fun than it sounds really. ....Or, maybe we're just delusional. 

Anyway, today, while standing and staring at all my garlic choices, I couldn't decide weather or not to just 'grin and bear it' and buy the expensive(!) organic, or not. We love garlic and use it A LOT! (It must be a Namibian thing?) After much agony and deliberation, I decided to go with the plain, old, non-organic, in-a-big-metal-jar, minced, garlic.

But, was I in for a treat, or what!

This afternoon, T and I had a date on the farm. We've lived here since May and have yet to walk the property. We scoped out my folks new house (move in date beg of July), hiked in the woods, walked along the creek, checked out the spring, and crossed the field on our way back to the house. ....And that is when it happened. We hit the jack pot, folks!

The previous owners had the land organically certified and farmed all sorts of things. While we were walking across the field, T looked down and said 'Is that garlic?' There, in all its organic beauty, was not just one head of garlic,  but more than we could count! Needless to say, I am quite pleased that I did not buy that expensive, organic, garlic that was just so enticing from our beloved Kroger.

I am even more happy to say that since our discovery, we've also discovered when garlic is ready to be ripe and our lovely field is promising quite a harvest.

I just happened to have a roast in the crock pot and after my brief, yet exhillerating, garlic harvest, I promptly through a very large amount in. ....which proved quite tasty. If garlic truly builds the immune system, then we are as strong as rocks over here.

Truth be told, I confess, that I love the fact that I get a whiff of garlic every time I scoop up my lovies for a snuggle. It makes me smile.

Though I can't quite say I feel the same about my garlic wrenched hands. Odd, I know. :)