Thursday, March 3, 2011

It's been busy.

I am exhausted. I mean, super, duper, over the top,!

Is it just me, or has this seemed like the longest winter, EVER? We've seemed to have sickness after sickness over here and I'm just plum worn out, folks. I was able to avoid most all it myself until this past one. And let me just tell you, I was down for the count. In fact, I still don't think I'm quite up-and-at-em yet.

My mom and T tag teamed the family and I'm one thankful Mama, because for all intensive purposes, I was too busy trying to stay alive and fight whatever crud had seemed to invade my entire body, and in fact, is still holding on. Enough is enough, already!

Ahem...... moving on.....

So, Keano turned 11 yesterday. Yes, in the midst of my illness, I did not write a blog post..... yet. (Rest assured, one will be coming).

Gloria is turning 4 on Monday, directly followed by my Dad's birthday on Sunday. It's a busy week.

Felicity is now standing on her own. Still have mixed feelings about her growing so quickly.

Faith can now count to 10 and is quite pleased with herself, though she pretends to be shy. She's a girl. She likes to tease.

But, what I really wanted to write about is prayer. Yes, prayer.

In this house, it's difficult to even pee by yourself, let alone, take time to get away and pray. And I want to pray.

Well, couldn't you be doing that write now, you might ask? No, no I can't. I'm busy sitting at the kitchen table (writing this blog), with Faith on my lap eating her snack, reasoning with Gloria why she can't have yet another one because she has already had too many, keeping an eye on Felicity as she is trying to climb on anything she possibly can that might give me a near heart attack, and listening to Keano tell me all about his future (bounty hunter) career plans, all while trying to dodge orange juice that is flying through the air as he squeezes his orange into the cup in front of him.

And, relatively speaking, this is a pretty low key moment. I'm not kidding. 

Don't get me wrong, though we have a pretty lively bunch, they are also very sweet and precious and I wouldn't trade my job for anything. I mean, anything.

That being said, I want to pray.

I want to pray, I want to pray, I want to pray.

I don't have a grand solution, but let this encourage your heart, as it is mine.

As you are living by the moment, or living by the schedule, or somewhere in between, take the moments in the midst of your work and life to pray. If you are able, take the time out, to pray, but don't let your busyness stop you from praying... even in the midst of it. 

I can some times fall prey (no pun intended) to thinking that unless I have X amount of time to pray, then it's just not worth it to start. ...But what is that based on? One thing is for sure, I'm certain it's nothing from Faith. 

Faith that God pours in causes our hearts to say that despite the chaos of this moment, God is here and He hears. He is the one who puts the prayer in our hearts, so let it pour forth. Don't wait! ....While your doing the dishes, while your changing those diapers, while your playing games on the floor, or cleaning the bathroom, pray.

God is good, my friend, and though there are times we have the luxury of getting away, there are times we don't. Don't let that hold you back from communicating with your Father what He is already communicating to you.

"For we are the temple of the living God; as God said, “I will make my dwelling among them and walk among them, and I will be their God, and they shall be my people..." (2 Cor 6) 

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