Thursday, March 10, 2011

Keano is ELEVEN!

I just can not get over the fact. Eleven. Eleven?? ...Eleven!

Doesn't that sound rather old, or is it just me?

According to Keano, he is no longer a child, but a young man. This, he determined, is true because at most restaurants he no longer can order off the children's menu.

Alrighty, my young man, you have to be the most cutest, adorable, too-clever-for-your-own-good, young man that I know. Yes, I know that when you read this, the first question you'll ask is 'Mom, how many people read this? This is embarrassing!' To which I'll answer, 'I really don't know, my sweetie. ...but it's too late now, anyway. Whatever three people do read it, have already done so :) ....I know having a mom is ohsotough these days.'

So, I thought that we could do a little remembering with photos, since we do often anyway, and the three other people might enjoy seeing them as well.  Sound like fun?

Here we go.....

Here you are with Daddy. This is the first week the Lord brought us together. Look how cute you are! We all remember this week well. You and Daddy have always made a great team.

Here you are in the kindergarten you helped so hard with. ...Right there in the middle, just next to your cousin Martin, giving a 'thumbs up!'
This is one of my favorites. I wish we had more. God has given you a very special gift in that you have two mothers who love you very much and would do anything for you.
Here you are in Oupa's suitcase the first time they came to visit. You wanted to go with them :)
Here we are having a sleep over with our Namibian family. I miss those!
Just a couple days before Gloria's arrival. You were soooo oooooh excited!
Your birthday. That was a fun present!
 Found you and Gloria like this. So sweet.....
Wrestling. We loved going to all your competitions.
  Skittle house friends!
Here you are with Daddy at Spur celebrating your 7th birthday. I miss this tradition. Do you remember how they would come out with drums and sing such a funny happy birthday song as they painted your face with chocolate? That was FUN!
First time in America visiting TEXAS family.  Here is you and Daddy, Grandpa, and Uncle Troy.
 With Grams and Gramps. They love you so very much!
 In Swakop. We had lots of fun on those dunes!
 At the ocean for the first time.
 Were you scared? I don't think so ;)
Holding your second little sissy, Faith. She turned out to be quite the handful ;)
With Ouma and Oupa at Hero's Acre

Having fun in our home in Namibia. Love this!
Big brother.
 Home School Projects. You're so creative!
 Christmas in our PJ's.
Playing Fan Tan, your favorite card game. You're tough to beat!
With Faith-y
 With Gloria
With Felicity
With Daddy. You guys are so tough.
You're such an awesome tennis player.
In NYC on the subway with Daddy. This was such a hard trip. Daddy took you to NYC to put you on the plane heading to Africa. We didn't know when we would see you again. God has been so good to us.
 You fooled a lot of people with those hats!
 And after 8 very long months, the Lord brought you back to us.... You met your sister, Felicity, for the first time. She jumped into your arms.
 Your Ouma and Oupa were waiting at the house with your sisters to greet you.
With Gloria and a much bigger (and still feisty) Faith.

So, brave warrior, here we are, almost 6 years from the time the Lord brought us all together and we couldn't be happier. We love you, Keano. We are so glad God has poured His love into our hearts for each other. On your birthday, we not only celebrate with GREAT JOY the day that you were born, but we remember how despite many many obstacles, some still yet to be overcome, God has been and always will be good. He has been good to you. He has been good to us. ...And He always will be because He is FOR us. We must never forget that.
This year, we look forward to traveling back to Namibia to finalize those last details so that what has been done in our hearts will be finalized on paper.  And we will rejoice!

We love you. You are precious to us. Happy 11th Birthday!

Mom and Daddy.


  1. Loved the pictures! Great post!

  2. The following is written by Keano :)

    From Keano
    My birthday wish is to let my mom let me eat like a crazy barbarian young man. i hope my wish comes true when we celebrate next week.

  3. Erin... I love this! Happy Birthday Keano! and maybe Mom will give in on some crazy eating... thanks for sharing the pictures and your heart! Miss you

  4. Love this post and all the photos. Brings back many memories. You guys are awesome. Happy Birthday Keano!