Sunday, January 23, 2011

Love, your Daddy.

Dear my little Faith Makiera,

You are two years old Today. I am a little skeptical though. Because you came out a few to maybe even ten days from your due date early, I kind of feel like you're not really two yet. Anyway, this is the birthday God gave you, and I am so happy you are here.

You are precious and sweet. Some of your favorite phrases are "Hold me" "Hug kiss" and "Miss you". You like to say the words "pink" "tractor" "animal" "bookuh" and "cakeyou" (thank you). You have many of your own meanings for words.

You ask for prayer and songs every night. Our favorite songs are "Jesus loves me" "Amazing Grace" "I surrender all" and the ABC's.

Mommy does a wonderful job with your little outfits and hair. You don't at all mind wearing second-hand clothes at this age and I hope that never stops.

Though you are the middle girl, and one of the middle children, you do quite well with it. Your presence is almost always known and you don't have much trouble making sure your needs are known. We like to call you fiery.

Our deepest hope for you is that you will be passionate and fiery for God's Word. We named you after His Word (Makiera) and its most important effect on a human heart. We wanted to glorify Jesus in naming you and raising you and have great hope that this will be done in your life as well.

I hope you know that you are always free to be who God made you to be with us. And we will love whoever God made you to be. If His love is in us, that won't change.

I hope the conversation that began when you said your first word--"dada" never ends.

Happy Birthday Faith and I love you and your mommy loves you so much,


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